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In Which I Become an Uncle

This is just a quick update to complement tne news posted on my Facebook page, for those of my friends who either are not on Facebook, or tend to find themselves here more frequently.

My sister gave birth this morning!  She and her husband had been trying for quite some time, and had actually pretty much resigned themselves to the fact that kids were not in the cards for them when they learned she was pregnant.  Needless to say we were all thrilled when we learned the news back in the spring, and we're even more thrilled now that the baby has arrived.

The delivery was very quick and easy, as these things generally go.  Surprisingly so, really.  Sis called last night to tell me she wouldn't be coming out for a visit this weekend, as we'd tentatively planned, because she'd been put on bed-rest by her doctor.   Contractions started a few hours after she called me, around midnight.  They headed to the hospital, her water broke around 3am, and the baby arrived at 6:20.  Seven pounds even, nineteen inches, and, apparenlty, huge feet.  The whole process was so quick that the doctor almost missed the delivery - he arrived at the hospital just in time to say "push!"

bewcastle and I have been asked to be the godparents - we're thrilled!  He's my first and only nephew, so I'm eager to develop a close relationship with him.  In most northern European cultures, the mother's brother is considered a particularly special relative and so I'm looking forward to living up the tradition of my Germanic ancestors in this regard.

More details as the situation develops!  In the meanwhile, I"ll just be giddy for a while!
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