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In Which Bewcastle Returns

I welcomed bewcastle back home yesterday evening.  After spending a delightful and diverting afternoon at jsadler 's birthday bash, complete with mountain of skulls cake, I returned to the old homestead to await her arrival.  Bad traffic in Santa Barbara delayed her return, but she's home now safe and sound, which is the important thing.

The other important thing is that her mom continues to improve . Pending the results of one last battery of tests, she'll move from the hospital to a residential rehab facility sometime this week to continue her recovery with some more focused and intense physical therapy. This is the same place that she stayed at three years ago after suffering a similar serious infection, and they did a very good job then.  We're cautiously hopeful that she will be able to return to her own home and contnue to be able to live mostly independently.

Thanks to everybody for the good wishes, prayers, positive thoughts, solicitious inquiries, and general support through this tough fortnight!


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